Some secrets to being happy

Jorge G Palomo

“Dying is not a sad thing. What’s sad is not living intensely,” says Albert Espinosa. And so it is that through optimism –and some books, television series and films that might illuminate even the most sceptical– this man has been inviting us to dream for years: to get the most out of each instant, to open our eyes, to learn from everything around us. In a word, to live life to the fullest.

And yes, he knows what he’s talking about. Not for nothing has this writer, actor and filmmaker survived cancer three times and lost a leg, a lung and half a liver. And yet he considers himself a happy person.

“You’ve lived enough. Now it’s time to enjoy yourself,” he says.

Because without any doubt “in life there are secrets that you need to tell because nobody shares them.” With that frankness and the prestige of having sold more than a million books in over 40 countries, Albert Espinosa cautions that “you shouldn’t think about happiness but about being happy each day.”

Following his early successes, he presented Los secretos que jamás te contaron (The Secrets They Never Told You, Editorial Grijalbo), where, as suggested by the title, he deals with many different formulas “to live in this world and be happy each day.” It’s not a case of magic or impossible formulas, but of inspirational ‘pills’ to help us live and travel happily along life’s daily road. Here are some practical suggestions to get moving right away:

– Take some risks every day.

– Listen to the beat of every day.

– Help others with your time.

– Blow. Because blowing implies wishing for something, as with birthday cakes.

– Feel the music.

– Be air, wind or percussion.

– Love others.

– Broaden your circle of force. In other words, meet more people, open you mind.

However, if it were necessary to choose a revealing phrase from Albert Espinosa’s new book, it might be this: “The world is the biggest playground that exists. Play, enjoy, live for the moment, enjoy every second.” Don’t you remember that wonderful freedom of playtime? Of course there are no infallible potions to feel better about yourself. We’re in a long-distance race, but we can pick up the pace.

When waking up in the morning, we might first exclaim, “I’m alive!” Because we have to live. Live intensely. The author underlines this: “That way each day is like a soufflé o happiness that at any instant in those 24 hours can reach its highest point.” “Planning is un happiness. Enjoy every second. Only if you’re alive every day will you approach daily happiness,” he emphasises. Value your wellbeing, it’s those small apparently unimportant things that make you smile. Dance, jump, shout, act, don’t obsess about things, recycle yourself, forget ego, say ‘no’ when you have to, say ‘yes’ when appropriate, don’t wait so long… Throb with life!

Albert Espinosa asks: “Do you want to move the world or do you want the world to move you?” Then know that “the world favours those who move it” and that “the only limits the world has are the ones you impose.” Los secretos que jamás te contaron includes many “inspirations”, as the author calls them. Inspirations from the muses, motivation and the motor of change, but also from the prosaic and relaxing act of taking air. So relax and savour every page. Make the book yours. “Think evil and you’ll be right. Think good and you’ll always enjoy,” he says at another point.

“Believing and creating are very close”… And if we begin to write the word ‘happiness’ in our lives?

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