Enjoy through love

Pilar López Zamorano

In most cases when asked “are you in love?” or “how is your heart?,” we tend to think whether we’re in a relationship or not. This is being in love as a state: the chemical reaction that’s produced when we think about the other person, when we want to have that person at our side and enjoy life in their company. A mix of desire, friendship and tenderness.

But love doesn’t necessarily mean having a mate, friends or a wonderful family.

In fact, love itself loses meaning when we try to define it. It’s an instinct as basic as hunger or thirst. Love is energy. It can neither created nor destroyed, only transformed. Love is pure life.

All the people around us possess an energy that we perceive unconsciously. We transmit and receive feelings constantly, our outer world reflects our interior world like a mirror, and with love this never fails. You may have realised that unhappiness is transmitted more easily than any physical ailment…

When you love, the energy that you give off acts like a magnet and you attract passion and positive minds. Love liberates us, helps to accept the ebb and flow of what happens to us. As John Lennon sang, “love is the answer and you know it.”

And best of all, it is a universal concept that makes all human beings equal and goes beyond what our senses can interpret or what the system has tried to teach us.

But to enjoy loving life, the first step is to love our own being. You don’t need to follow any religious belief to know that your true nature is in what you are and feel, not in what you think. Or have you never gone crazy on occasion inside your own thoughts?

The Journal of Abnormal Psychology assures us that solitude can provoke anxiety, depression, paranoia and dementia. Interacting with others activates the hippocampus, the area of the brain charged with learning. While it is important to learn how to be alone and love and respect oneself, it was living in a group that made us survive and evolve. Because life on Earth is a team sport. Relate with others and enjoy through love!

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